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How We Got Started in Real Estate

Bryndee tricked me. I was sitting there, freezing, on the hotel shuttle bus at the beginning of January 2013 and I wondered how in the world Bryndee convinced me to move to Wisconsin. Yet here we were, anxious and ready to start our first jobs out of college and find our way in the real world. Life was simple back then, and Wisconsin didn't turn out to be half bad- well depending on who you ask. :)

We worked hard to pay off school loans quickly and began to tuck away as much money as we could. We didn't have any real specific goal of what we wanted to do with the money we were earning, I guess we just figured we would save up to one day buy a house, put some money into retirement funds, and hope for the best from there. We discussed multiple times how one day down the road we would like to get into some kind of real estate as we have both seen our family members be successful in this industry. In order to do that, we figured it would be years down the road before we would realistically be able to live out that vision.

Long story short, we attended a seminar that flipped our world upside down (no pun intended...or is it?). These presenters started sharing ways in which we could start investing into real estate right away. We began to read books, joined real estate investing networking groups, and spent hours going through investing courses from some of the top people in the industry. We realized during this time that the longer we waited to begin our journey, the more opportunities we would be missing out on the long run. We needed to start buying properties now!

We then got on the phone with a couple of real estate agents, and the rest is history. We'll share more about our first property soon, but within two months of starting our search we were the proud owners of one very run down, stinky, fixer-upper duplex.

We've learned a lot about real estate from studying, attending multiple trainings, and now from our own experiences. Our hope in the coming posts is to share some of the lessons we have learned and pass those on to you. We in no way claim to know it all, but we love what we do and hope to provide some valuable insights to each of you.

Feel free to comment or ask questions to us directly on our various Our Flipping Family social media platforms. We love connecting with new people and would be happy to get to know you.

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