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Sold! A Transformation from Zero Bathrooms to a Beautiful Home

Know what my favorite part of flipping houses is? (Hint: if you have read my bio page, you'd get this question right!) My favorite part is walking into a house for the first time and imagining all the things that we can do to it. Every single house has potential--even the ugliest. It is hard for me not to get excited and emotionally attached to houses because by the time I leave I don't see a house with shag carpet and holes in the wall--I see a beautiful redesigned house that I can't wait to get my hands on!

Our latest flip was the epitome of that experience, when most people would want to run away when they walked inside, I got excited to see how much it could transform! Our Reaney Flip was a house in St Paul, Minnesota that was basically a 2 bedroom 0 bathroom house. Yes ZERO bathroom house- there were remnants of an old bathroom upstairs with walls missing and just a toilet left. Where was the shower, you ask? Oh, don't worry the owners have that covered--they just jimmy-rigged a showerhead to a ceiling pipe in the unfinished basement and broke up the foundation so that the water could drain into the dirt. Also, there were holes in the walls and floors, drawings and sayings all over the place (some too profane to even post!), a homemade wall that did not connect to the ceiling, about 30 tires in the backyard for party seating, an old 80's hot tub, homemade beer taps, a bed made out of carpet rolls, and much more.

The previous owners bought the house a couple years prior with the intention of finishing it while living in it, but never really got around to finishing it (and I would be willing to bet it was in better shape when they bought it). So they had been living in the house for YEARS in this condition, and probably would have continued to do so if it weren't for the fact that they were tax delinquent.

So this house was a disaster, but that just means more opportunity for us! This transformation is the biggest one to date: we had to do all new electrical, plumbing, and HVAC; redesign the layout; finish the basement; add a bathroom upstairs and downstairs; re-secure some exterior walls that I could literally push on to almost knock over the house, and of course finish all of the fun cosmetics! In the end it was a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom 1750 square foot house that sold within two weeks at list price to a nice couple as their first home. We definitely learned our fair share of lessons and had some fun experiences along the way which we will have to post more about later, but for now check out some Before and After photos

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