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Avoiding Bad Tenant Nightmares! Our Step-by-Step Tenant Screening Process

One of the big fears that people have when getting involved with investment rental properties is dealing with tenants. There are plenty of nightmare stories out there about tenants squatting, destroying property, doing illegal activities in the home, being impossible to work with to collect rent, the list goes on. In fact we have a few of these stories ourselves (mostly from tenants inherited when purchasing property), but you can minimize the risk of bad tenants by having a good tenant screening process. Do your due diligence and put the time in now when looking for a tenant and it will save you tons of time and money down the road. Be picky and be patient! We typically have 30-60 day notice when tenants move out and can fill the property without an issue in that amount of time. With following this process and pricing your rental correctly you should have no problem filling your home in a timely fashion and have plenty of interest.