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The Meaning of “Twelve Parsecs”

The wait is over and the Twelve Parsecs house is live! Just in case this is your first time checking into Loma Homes, Twelve Parsecs is an extreme Star Wars themed vacation rental home just 15 minutes from Disney World. It is a stunning 9 bedroom, 5 bathroom house to host your family getaway or Disney trip with friends! We’re all so excited about the grand opening of the home and can’t wait for others to experience it as well!

One of the questions we’ve been asked a lot is what does the name “Twelve Parsecs” mean? An excellent question! Let me start by explaining what it means from the Star Wars perspective and then what it means to us at Loma Homes.

To give some context, the phrase twelve parsecs comes from one of the first scenes of the Star Wars series in Episode IV. Luke and Obi-wan are looking to find a charter to Alderaan as quick as possible to connect with Princess Leia after receiving her request for help. To find a pilot, they go looking in a bar type place and meet a somewhat sketchy character named Han Solo. To brag about the speed of his infamous ship the Millenium Falcon, he states that his ship is “the ship that made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs.” This famous line sparked the adventure that would span a galaxy so we thought it was quite fitting for it to be the name of our adventure as well.

So why name the house Twelve Parsecs? The phrase “twelve parsecs” is more than just a measurement of time. It means the start of an epic adventure of a lifetime, which is what we are striving for with our guests. To us personally, this phrase will always mean hard work, late nights, imaginations being stretched, and a whole lot of excitement. Just like, I’m sure, how George Lucas felt when the first Star Wars was released which changed the world as we all know it.

Twelve Parsecs was only the beginning of a whole series to come, so is our vacation rental. We have more extreme themed Airbnbs in the works! So keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of our next big project, you may need to “open your books and turn to page 394” to find out what it will be!

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