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Leaving an Impression with Vacation Rental Gift Baskets

Creating a successful Airbnb really comes down to one thing: customer experience. To be successful in the vacation rental business, you have to WOW your guests. It’s about going above and beyond. With Airbnb having millions of homes on their platform for guests to choose from, it’s all about standing out and getting those repeat customers that loved it so much, they want to come back.

There are a number of different ways to achieve a successful customer experience, but today we want to talk about one method that we use to stand out and give the customers a great first impression of our company and brand: welcome gift baskets.

Upon walking in the front door, our guests are immediately greeted with a handwritten letter and a table full of treats, essentials and souvenirs that are free for our guests to take. Not only are they blown away by the murals and neat features that make up our themed Airbnbs, they are also instantly connected with our brand and feel welcomed. Even if your home isn’t themed out as Star Wars, little thoughtful items will make them remember you for a relatively low cost.

Here is a list of a few things we like to include in our gift baskets: (visit the amazon link by clicking on the name)

1. A handwritten letter by our cleaning staff that is personalized with their name (and any special occasion greeting like “happy birthday” or “happy anniversary”)

2. Water Bottles: These are great for taking to the park or beach if they forgot to bring their own