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First Impressions: How to Welcome Your Vacation Rental Guests

The first impression is a big deal when it comes to vacation rental homes. We love to start every guest off on a positive note in their first impression through a welcome basket. The welcome basket shows them that you’re committed to the guest experience, and that you’ve been thinking of them in the lead up to their stay. There are 3 main items to keep in mind when curating your basket:

  1. A Personalized Note

Travelers know they’re not the only guests to enjoy your property, but it’s nice to feel personally greeted. Leave a handwritten note to express your excitement that they’re there, with any details about the home or area you think are worth calling out. These are the little extras that show that you’ve been paying attention in your communications with guests, and are excited to host them. If it’s their birthday we write happy birthday in the card and may have balloons. If you don’t live close enough to the property to make welcome notes plausible, task your guest contact or cleaner with the writing.

2. Necessities

These are the essential items that your guests will need to make their stay comfortable, or may forget and be grateful that you saved the day. It depends on the location and target market, but it can be items like water bottles, sunscreen, lip balm, or ibuprofen.

3. Souvenir

We love to do something specific that adds to their experience--for a themed home we of course do something on theme (like dinosaur coloring books for a dinosaur house) or if it’s not themed we include something local (like locally made salt water taffys at a beach home).

You do not have to make it extravagant or expensive, the goal of the welcome basket is to be thoughtful. The extra time and cost you put into the gift basket will return itself in good reviews and repeat customers--it pays for itself 10 fold!


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