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When money is tight and renovation or new construction is not an option, it’s time to get creative! You can give a home a whole new feel by rearranging and getting organized. Organizing isn’t only about making a space more visually appealing; it’s about making a space more peaceful. It’s about creating a home where as soon as you step through the door, you feel calm and comfortable. Organizing is a form of self-care. Say goodbye to clutter and common stressors, see ya later to piles of clothes, and sayonara to stacks of paper. Create a sanctuary at home that can make your life simpler. This can be done to your home or to a home you choose to flip. Just start by cleaning it up!

People experience plenty of stress when it comes to work, finances, and hectic to-do lists. Your home should serve as a refuge, an area free from chaos and clutter. Below are tips on how to organize, purge, donate, and take control of your home. Let’s get started!

Gather supplies before you start that will help you throughout your process. Grab sticky notes, a marker, and tape so you can create labels. Pick up garbage bags and cardboard boxes to make areas to collect things for donations, to sell, to trash, and recycle. Here are my favorite labels:

You need to assess why you own the items you do. Ask yourself the following questions to help you decide if you truly need to hold onto something. Does the item still have a purpose? Does it bring you joy? (I see you Marie Kondo friends!) By removing things you no longer need or don’t bring you happiness, you create simplicity in your life. It helps remove the clutter--both physically and mentally.

When cleaning a desktop or counter space, the first thing to ask yourself is what do you use on a daily basis. Remove anything that doesn’t make that list and place it in a drawer or bin. The less cluttered your workspace or kitchen counter is, the less distracted you’ll be and the more productive you’ll become.

Use drawer organizers so you can easily and quickly find what you need. This will prevent a junk drawer from forming where things are just thrown in and forgotten.

The back of doors and cabinets are excellent if you’re looking for extra storage space. Look into hanging door racks and cabinet hooks to provide valuable space for your many things. You can hang towels, tote bags, and other items that might otherwise be eating up drawer space.

Using clear containers in closets, garages, and kitchen pantries can make your life much easier. The clear containers not only keep things together and organized but allow you to see everything without having to go through tons of bins. If you don’t want to purchase or use clear containers, add a clean looking label to the outside (or do both! As Kyle will attest, our house is full of labels).


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