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Rental Property Analyzer

Rental Property Analyzer


A successful real estate investment all depends on buying the right house at the right price, so the question is how do you know which houses to buy??? That’s why we created a spreadsheet analyzer that helps you quickly and clearly identify which houses will make the most profit. We personally use this analyzer for looking at up to 100 properties a week to help us quickly identify successful investments to purchase.

 Our analyzer breaks down everything from loan costs, expected vacancies, maintenance repairs, and more so that you can forecast monthly cash flow, annual return on investments, and five year sales projections. We also share with you some tips and guidelines of what we look for when interpreting results so that we know which deals to move forward with. We have tried a lot of different analyzers out there, but none quite fulfilled everything we wanted so we made one of our own that has all the data we need while making it simple and user friendly.


You can get this analyzer TODAY for $29.99. If you could buy one house that brought you $400 a month in cash flow after all expenses, would it be worth that $30 investment? Fill out your info to the right to get your analyzer today and start investing in your future.


Happy house hunting :)

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