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Jumping into the Deep End! Moving Across the Country to Pursue our Real Estate Dreams!

BIG NEWS! We moved! For our friends and family this may not seem like a surprise (after-all this is our 4th state and 7th home in 5 years...). But this time is different, it was not for a job--it was to pursue our dreams in growing our real estate business by working it full time. This has been our ultimate goal and something we have been working towards for the last four years. It feels a bit like jumping off a cliff and diving into the deep end, but we are excited and ready for the plunge!

Why now? We've been through extensive real estate training over the years, and one of the people we respect the most in the real estate world is Than Merrill. We had the chance to speak with him face to face a while back, and asked for his advice on transitioning from the workforce to real estate investing full time. Part of us wanted him to say, quit your job and jump in right away! To our surprise he went a different route. He told us to make the transition “when you’re comfortable.” He clarified that the transition is different for everyone and that we should take the time to make sure we’re comfortable with everything this transition entails. We took that to mean do as much as we can in regards to real estate while working full time, get some savings and monthly cash flow in place, and then when it becomes too difficult to do real estate and the full time job, that might be a good time to make the switch. We have been working to set ourselves up for this and feel that the timing is right. Is this a little scary? Yes!! But at the same time we have prepared ourselves as best we can to take on the risk factors real estate entails. Comfortable or not, here we come!

Where did we move to? We own properties in Colorado, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, so naturally we decided it would make sense to settle down in… Utah!! Makes sense, right? :) We know that we can make our systems work in most markets, so we wanted to take advantage of the flexibility of this industry and settle our roots closer to family. We both have a lot of family in Utah as well as Bryndee's immediately family close-by in Colorado. We will continue to maintain and even pursue properties in other locations as they make sense, but we are looking forward to having our home-base in a location closer to many of our family and friends.

So over the last week we made the drive from Fresno, California to South Jordan, Utah and we are ready for the adventure to begin! Keep following us on our blog and social media pages to see our journey as we turn real estate from our side hobby into our full time business!

Saying goodbye to our house in Fresno

Brayden loved riding in the big truck! (Don't worry, the airbag turns off)

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