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Renovation Complete: Railroad Wreck No More!

There is nothing as gratifying as walking into a house that is beautifully finished after seeing it as a wreck before. Since we manage most of our flips remotely, this feeling is amplified because we aren't on site daily or weekly. With the Railroad Wreck, it literally took my breath away when I walked in because the change was so drastic! And like I do with every house we flip, my first thought is "Maybe we should move into this one..." but seeing as we just bought a new house in a different state that we are renovating and moved into that isn't really realistic. So sadly for me, this one is going on the market like the others!

In case you have not read our previous posts about this Railroad Wreck (which you should!), here is a little DL: the house was a condemned vacant, nearly teardown house. The layout was funky and basically everything inside was broken so it was a BIG project. And of course there were plenty of surprised along the way, but in the end it turned out beautiful, if I say so myself :)

We can have story time of all the exciting events on this house another day, but a lot of our followers/readers have been asking for more photos so without further ado, here are the before and afters: